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A hilarious forthcoming novel from Thomas Tosi, author of “June the Prune” and “Blossom’s Tale.” Filled with fun illustrations by Meaghan Tosi.

Fifth grader, Abe Mitchell, is fed up with sharing. When he finds a loophole smack in the center of the Sweetly Crisp Doughnut Shop contest rules, he's sure he's entitled to six thousand doughnuts. He might never have to share again, but has he bitten off more than he can chew?

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Thomas Tosi is a writer/filmmaker who, together with his wife, Heidi, has produced an award-winning children’s website, educational multimedia games, and dramatic films which have aired on national television, PBS affiliate stations, and screened in numerous film festivals.

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Heidi Tosi is an illustrator and graphic artist born and raised in New Hampshire. She takes pride in the fact that she and her husband now live in a solar-powered home where they grow organic vegetables and herbs.

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A fun and adventurous new novel from the creators of “June the Prune”

“It's an epic adventure in the middle of the living room when Blossom, a headstrong young squirrel, runs away from her overprotective father and finds herself trapped inside the Christmas tree of the Jones family—where the decorations come to life… ”

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“Simply fabulous! Definitely 5 stars for this adventure e-book!”
Aesha, Age 7
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